Katherine Flora Daly 6 Day

A true wilderness safari at a relaxing pace, down an everchanging environment. Travel up to 120 kilometres following the course of the Katherine River, beginning below Katherine and Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge), downstream away from often crowded areas, as the Katherine River flows gently westward to meet the Flora and Daly Rivers.

Just as the name suggests, this 6 day immersion gives us the time to explore, relax and reflect in arguably the best sections of the Katherine and Daly Rivers. Taking in the serenity and intimacy of these stunning locations, small sparkling rapids, shady channels and sandy beaches, joining ancient and diverse systems, 3 days floating westward on the Katherine and 3 days on the Daly affords time to Sit-Listen-Relax. Exclusive camping on magnificent sandy beaches, you will be captivated by every experience!

Itinerary: (view)
Departures: June to September (view)
Group Size: Minimum 4, Maximum 8

2017 Cost:  AUD$1895.00
Tour Code: KD6


"One of the most rewarding things I've done. The diversity and abundance of both flora and fauna was fantastic, this combined with a great crew of people made for an enjoyable 6 days. When (if) I write a book next year about my journey around Australia, my time spent on this Gecko Canoeing tour will most certainly be a highlight! Thanks again." - Paul Schroder.

Please read crocodile and wildlife information. (view)

The Canoes/Kayaks
We use 'Scupper Pro' sit-on-top kayaks for all trips, (we do have 2 person canoes for those who wish to use them). The sit on tops are self draining, comfortable and very stable. Many of our guests have never paddled before. Our fully qualified and accredited guides ensure that this is not a problem. Feedback highlights that paddling your own vessel, adds to the experience. Special needs clients may be escorted in a canoe by a guide/chauffer.

Where We Stop
We are totally self sufficient giving us the luxury of being selective with our campsites and resting points along the river. There's plenty of time to relax, swim, fish, bird watch, encounter wildlife and appreciate the scenery. We regularly access these sites with group sizes of 2-8, ensuring that we have minimal impact on the environment.

How Far, How Long, When
Typically, a 6 day trip can cover up to 130km of river. Paddling down stream, there is minimal portaging of equipment. Tours operate during the 'TOP END' dry season, April to October. The temperature ranges from 24 C to 39 C, but the nights from June to August can be cool, dropping to 5 degrees Celsius.

Tour Accommodation
We are fully self-sustained while on tour, giving us the ability to stop and set camp, wherever we wish. You are supplied with:

• A screen tent - for those who wish to sleep inside – you can still see the stars • A canvas bedroll, ‘we call it a swag’ – for those who wish to sleep outside • A ‘Thermarest’ self inflating mattress • A sleeping bag which can be fully opened
• A liner (or sheet) and pillow, a torch & mosquito repellent

The Campsites
Exclusive to us and well equipped. They include:

• Dining Tables and chairs (with back rests)
• Cooking Grill, Kettle & Camp ovens
• Riverside views and swimming spots
• A shovel and toilet paper (for the call of nature) We bring out our rubbish; bury human waste 100m from water and burn toilet paper in the fire

The meals
Always a surprise for the nature enthusiasts! All hearty home style fresh food.

• Dinners and breakfasts are cooked on an open fire
• Lunches are ‘sandwich’ or ‘wrap’ style with cold meat and salad
• A good old ‘Billy of Tea’ is available at lunch
• Tea, Coffee and Hot chocolate are available at camp • The guide will do the washing up (unless you really want to help)

What You Need to Bring
We recommend that you pack lightly and limit the space required. A packing list will be provided for you. You are able to bring along a bottle or two of your favourite dinner wine. We have no space for cold drinks such as beer or soft drinks. For your personal gear we provide;

• A 20 litre water proof bag (for your clothes) • A 10 litre water proof bag (for camera etc)

The group size
We travel with no more than 8 people on tour, (unless it is a specific group booking). You may not see anyone else while you are on the river.